Glorious Entertainment Production (GEP) is a technically advanced and highly capable company specializing in the field of entertainment special effects, and event production.

Our Mission: To captivate our audience’s emotions by inspiring their senses; expression is conveyed through the integration of multi-faceted media elements: fire, water, light, sound, and imaging.

GEP continues to be at the forefront of the entertainment and special effects industry by incorporating advanced technologies from around the globe. A strategic global network of partnerships allows for a vast variety of technically advanced skills, innovative designs, safe and effective installations. Situated in Hong Kong, China, GEP has been vigorously active in realizing events and multimedia productions of all scales across Asia and abroad.


The Glorious brand is a well respected name in the global fireworks industry and like many companies in this trade, Glorious started off as a small family business producing firecrackers in China. This was the beginning of the Glorious Firecracker Company founded in 1920. Fast forward 30 years and you’ll find a newly established Glorious Fireworks International, with its new business headquarters in Hong Kong where it begins international trade of its high quality fireworks products. Adopting manufacturing technologies and techniques from around the globe, the Glorious name quickly establishes itself as a high quality company in its industry.

The early 80’s marked a new era for the Glorious family as it ventured into entertainment special effects, and event production. It started by producing large scale firework shows and special effects in Hong Kong, then expanded its services throughout South East Asia. By strategically aligning with a strong international network of event production companies, Glorious quickly gains international technical experience and techniques of special effects, event production, and establishes Glorious Entertainment Production Limited.

Today, GEP Group has evolved into a technically advanced and highly capable entertainment, special effects, and event production company. By adopting technologies and techniques from Germany, USA, Canada, Japan, and Italy; GEP Group is able to produce high quality special effects and events effectively as well as efficiently worldwide.


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Proximate pyrotechnic displays requires special attention, special products, in depth experience and product knowledge in order to deliver a safe and unique display. Commonly used in stadiums, rooftops, theaters, convention centers, hotel ballrooms, and amusement parks. Close proximate pyrotechnics are performed closer to the audience that produces little to zero debris fallout.

All of our proximate products are manufactured in the USA by the most renowned companies in the industry, and are designed to be used in distance-restricted areas and/or in close proximity to audiences and structures where traditional fireworks cannot be used.

No display is too small!


Aerial Display Fireworks are the most traditional type of firework display. Often used for public events such as national celebrations, international sporting events…etc. Aerial fireworks are a great medium to entertain large audiences as it uses the largest physical type of fireworks. Greater safety distances to audience and structures are required due to the size of these types of displays.

GEP utilizes cutting edge, industry specific computer equipment to design a perfectly synchronized display. For many years, GEP has been producing aerial firework displays of large scale all around the globe.


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2012 Sands Cotai Celebration For The Opening Of The Sheraton Macau Hotel, Cotai Central
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2012 Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Fireworks Show

[San Francisco, US, 27th May, 2012]
GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE, The Landmark of San Francisco, is renowned for its iconic structure and outstanding appearance. It has been 75 years since its establishment in 1937. To celebrate the 1.7-mile steel suspension bridge, one of the modern Wonders of the World, that stands 3/4 generation, Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy worked together with several corporate partners and organized the official celebration event -- The Golden Gate Festival.
The multi-faceted two-day event include an historic watercraft parade, multiple music and dance stages, art installations, history and educational presentations and display of cars from 1937 to the present. And the highlight was a spectacular 75th anniversary fireworks display and grand finale on Sunday evening, May 27 at 9:30 pm, which conducted by Hong Kong Glorious Group and Pyro Spectacular, Icn.
In partnership with Glorious Group, Pyro Spectacular, Icn delivered an extremely gorgeous fireworks display. Mr. James R. Souza, the CEO of Pyro Spectacular, Icn. had been worked with Dr. Francis Wu, the Chairman of Glorious Group since 1982 for the Chinese New Year fireworks display in Hong Kong. Classics were made by their hands in the pass and a new masterpiece is concluded by the show this time. Spectacular grand finale showcasing the Bridge, Bay and surrounding national parklands. Together with the unique products and advanced digital technologies that provided by Glorious Group, the “once in a life time experience” is thus created to the audience along the waterfront.
25 years ago, Dr. Wu and Mr. Suoza also collaborated for the Golden Gate Bridge 50th Anniversary fireworks display: ”The 50th Anniversary show was created by us and we worked together again for the 75th Anniversary. For the 100th Anniversary, we can just wish that we are still sitting together and see how the next generations work to make a better show!” The show was in a huge success and attracted crowds to the waterfront for a day of celebration capped off by fireworks.

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2011 Successful Guinness Record in Fireworks display in Celebration of Thai King’s 84th Birthday
(Pattaya, Thailand) A new world record was set on the evening of 17th December to commemorate the 84th birthday of his Majesty Bhumibol, the king of Thailand.Seven 24” diameter firework display shells, each weighing over one tonne, was shot into the sky in one single cue, creating a shimmering cascade of golden stresses over the whole Central Pattaya Beach. The event marked the finale of a 2 day celebration of the birthday of the longest reigning monarch alive.
“These 24-inch shells were handmade in Japan and each took six months to make. The most anybody shot into the sky in a single cue was 5 shells. So we are very excited that it all went well.” Francis Wu, from Glorious Entertainment Productions which oversees the 2 day event, said.
Thai culture considers 12 years as a full cycle, and 7 is also an especially auspicious figure. Much beloved by the whole Thai population, his Majesty Bhumibol was crowned King of Thailand in 1950, and celebrated his 84th birthday earlier in December. Over 500 experts international experts from 14 countries took part over the weekend in firing over 50000 shots into the sky in 2 days.
Approximately 500,000 people crowded on the beach and on nearby rooftops witnessed the spectacular event.
The GEP Group has become an internationally ready events and production company with the ability to deploy its expertise to all four corners of the globe. No event is too large or too small for GEP, its ability to plan and execute events stems from its partners around the globe.
  • Flash Art FX and Entertainment GmbH
  • Flash Art Special Effects & Show Design GmbH
  • LKE Lasershow-Technik
  • Pyro Contact GmbH
  • NICO Feuerwerks GmbH
  • NICO Luenig Event GmbH
  • Bright Star Fireworks A/S
  • RES Specialty Pyrotechnics
  • Pyro Spectaculars by Souza Inc.
  • American Fireworks Warehouse LLC
  • Glorious Entertainment Production (Macau) Limited
  • Glorious Logistics Company Limited
  • Glorious Professional Products Trading Limited
  • GEP Film SFX Limited
  • Glorious Fireworks (International) Limited Trading as "Glorious Company"
  • Glorious (China) Limited
  • San Tai Fireworks
  • Guangxi Hepu Glorious Fireworks Export Factory
  • Guangxi Hepu Glorious Fireworks Special Effects Production Company Limited
  • Wanzai Glorious Fireworks Trade Company Limited
  • Wanzai Glorious Multimedia Production Limited Liability Company
  • Glorious Singapore Pte Ltd
Middle East
  • FLASH ART Dubai The Show & Effects LLC

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